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Not only is this 1962 Nash Metropolitan is the last and rarest of the breed, but it's also a movie car that has been kept in fantastic condition inside and out. So for those who want a classic with a story to tell, and this little international star is a great way to turn heads.
The movie Hairspray (1988) had to show life in the early '60s, and this Metropolitan was chosen to help remind people of that time. After all, it might be European sized, but the coupe carries plenty of American design flair with its full chrome front end and continental kit in the rear. That's what makes these cars so cool today. A series IV model like this one is especially desirable because it's the only one with exterior access to the trunk. Plus, the later cars had bright side trim that's a great dividing line for the two-tone finish. The Frost White and Turquoise looks like the perfect color combo for this period. 1962 was the final production year for these cars, and it was a short run that made for low production numbers. This kind of history has been appreciated on a car so well preserved. There's even thoughtful care on the wheels with chrome hubcaps and painted steelies with whitewall tires that match so nicely with the body.
The car is tiny, no question about it, but you'll find that it's easy to get comfortable inside. The split bench seat has been upholstered in original style houndstooth fabric with vinyl accents, and legroom is good, even for six-footers. These coupes do also have a back seat. It's not exactly roomy for passengers, but its similar black/white appearance makes for a well-presented storage shelf and interior access to the trunk. The driver gets one large main gauge pod dominated by a speedometer, but since the car was sourced from Britain, it happens to be a Smiths readout. So just imagine the looks on people's faces as you compare this Met to Jaguars and Aston Martins.
Under the hood is the correct 1.5-liter motor, and it looks fantastic with its block in classic green. These were sourced from Austin in England who are the people that really know about how to get the most out of a small powerplant. In fact, this B-Series motor is related to the MGA 1500. This was a popular motor in Europe, and parts are still easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Like a good frugal European, the fuel mileage generally hovers in the 30+ MPG range, making this a fantastic car if you're on a budget but still like to get out and drive. The three-speed manual transmission has light action, and with smart gearing, it cruises at 60 MPH without complaint, and without being buzzy on the highway. With a tight turning radius and nippy handling, this American Nash feels like a proper European import.
This little movie star is no diva, and it comes with the maintenance records and owner's manual to prove it. Here's a great classic with a unique story.

Engine TypeGasoline
Engine Size1500 CC
Transmission Type3 Speed Manual
Fuel SpecificationGasoline
Body ColorFrost White
Body StyleCoupe
Miles81,194 (Actual)
Interior ColorWhite Houndstooth
Seating TypeBench
Seat MaterialVinyl & Cloth
Shifter TypeColumn
Center ConsoleNo

as of 6/13/2017 Purchased back by Randy Wallen, from Milton Schmitt Forrest, VA. 
Personal info about car...

In 1971 at 17 years old, my brother-in-law Billy Miller (and his dad ) bought this car from Billy's Aunt's son, (the original owners son),  his mom bought the car brand new in freeport, NY and died 8 years later, leaving the car to her son . Billy Miller drove the car his senior year in high school and another 9 years. At that time Billy gave the car to his mom and dad. His mom and dad, and Billy restored the car, his mom and dad drove the car and loved it for another 34 years. Just after the car was restored, his mom and dad were visiting an Aunt in Baltimore in the car and were approached by people with the movie hair spray and asked if they could shoot the car in the movie (that is how it became a star) the Millers were paid $500.00 for this service. In 1991 the car received a national award for attending and winning all car shows it went to. In 2002 Billy's mom and dad drove the car across the United States to California. Billys dad died 3 months later. Month's later, I think about a year Billy offered to sell me the car, I bought it and mistakenly sold it to Stan and Barbara Gillespie in Florida. They kept the car fr 13 years and sold it through a broker to Milton Schmitt. I bought it back from Milton 6/13/2017 Randy Wallen 6./14/2017. The car will NOT leave me again. When I'm gone one of my kids will have the responsibility of leaving it to one of their kids.This car is a gift from God and one of the true loves of my life. Just for the record, I've been offered (from a serious source) $100,000.00 in 2017. Be interesting to see what its worth 30 years from now. 
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