If there was one thing that I could say to my kids that they would get, it would be do what you love to do, whatever it is that you are passionate about you will be successful at it. My mentor Charles Longwell, a brilliant man asked me when I was 22 years old what my impression of being successful is? I rambled off something that was incorrect. Success is doing what you love to do everyday and being happy, the kind of happy that shines through you, like a beam of sunshine. Happiness that others see in your face even if you never say a word. That is success, Charlie didn't give me the answer, I spent a life time figuring that out because the question haunted me for years. Charlie was the best mentor anyone could ever have. I love him like a brother.

Now with that said... Success does not mean that whatever you do you will get rich doing it. On the contrary, you may like me barely make a living. For thirty years I made the big salary working for someone else. Even today the money had no meaning to me. That is where you have to get to... not caring about the money so obviously you cannot have a lot of debt.

More important then doing what you want to do is putting God first in everything you do. Every decision you make always do the right thing. If you sell a product, sell the best product and give the customer great value for their money, remember your customer is a child of God.

So write a business plan, estimated sales, estimated cost, estimated profit... Be conservative, no pie in the sky stuff, remember the goals you set, you have to meet.

I'm available to help anyone write a business plan free of charge. Just contact me through the website and leave your number and email address.

Embrace the day! Today is a gift from God. Remember that and give back a small portion of what God has given to you. The bible is very clear on this... you are to give 10% of your gain.

The most important thing that I would say to my kids and the world is "You have to BE a blessing to be blessed" Do something nice, be there for someone, be there for everyone, I'm living proof that you can be there for everyone and want for nothing. Try it, be a blessing and God will deliver your hearts desires, you can't out give God.